Enroll in our hands-on exercise and technical training classes as well as vendor certifications training in Nigeria to gain practical experience in deployment & support of networking, telecom & security solutions.

Analog CCTV System Installation, Maintenancce & Operations Training

CCTV training with AHD camera, DVR and remote view

When you enrol on our CCTV training program, you would learn the basic to advance skills required to design, install and maintain conventional Analog CCTV security systems using Hikvision CCTV products.

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IP/Network CCTV System Installation, Maintenance & Operations Training

IP Camera IP CCTV and Wi-Fi camera security training

Our IP CCTV security training equips you with the practical skill to install IP surveillance solution by setting up Hikvision NVR, IP camera and Wi-Fi camera for local, remote and mobile view.

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Solar Powered 4G & WiFi IP Camera Installation Training

4G solar panel IP camera installation training in Lagos

With solar powered IP camera, you do not need need any other source of electricity to power the camera. Within few days, you will lean how to properly mount, configure and setup solar 4G IP camera with mobile phone

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Cisco Router & Switch Configuration Training

Cisco Router and Switch configuration training in ikeja, Lagos, Abuja

Cisco Routers and switches are found at the core, distribution and access layers of most enterprise and business networks. Deploying and supporting a LAN or WAN riding on Cisco gears require special skills and competence.

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MikroTik WiFi Hotspot System & Bandwidth Management

Mikrotik training wi-fi hotspot internet training company in lagos

Hotspots enable hotels or wireless ISP (WISP) to offer secure and managed internet service to their customers via customised login portal or splash page where users must login with username/password, Facebook etc.

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Cisco CCNA Certification Exam Training in Lagos & Abuja.

Cisco CCNA training in Lagos with Cisco Routers and Switches

Train for CCNA Cisco certification in Lagos and Abuja in our Networking training lab. When you train with us for Cisco certifications, it is very easy for you to PASS CISCO CCNA Exam by learning from our certified Cisco professionals who are well experienced with Cisco equipment and also have deep knowledge of Cisco career certifications

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IP PBX Installation Training - Grandstream IP PBX

IP voice and VOIP training on Grandstream IP PBX installation in Lagos

VOIP and IP based voice communications are fast replacing the traditional analog and legacy PABX systems in offices. VOIP solutions enables the use of existing data network infrastructure to support voice transmission.

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IP PBX Installation Training - Yeastar IP PBX

Yeastar IP PBX and PSTN trunk line installation training in Lagos

When implementing IP voice solution in an organisation, the call control and mangement system is the most important component of the VOIP infrastructure. Yeastar PBX remains one of the robust and reliable voice solutions to deploy.

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Intercom Installation Training - Panasonic KX-TES824 PBX

Panasonic PBX programming and installation training company in Lagos

Organisations rely on voice communications for daily business operations. With hands-on training on installation and programming of Panasonic KX-TES824 PBX, this training would equip you with the skills to implement, program and maintain PBX telephone system for home and business.

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Why Train With Us

  • We have all the necessary infrastructure and gadgets required to offer you practical training. Lots of hands-on exercises for you to practice with live equipment.
  • Start making money with your new skills. We would prioritize refereeing at least one CCTV installation job to you where you can make even more than double the cost you paid for your training.
  • By training with us, you would automatically be in our database of professional CCTV installers where you may be referred CCTV installation and support jobs in your location and state of residence. We receive requests across the country frequently for CCTV installation.
  • You would be able to buy CCTV installation products at discounted price from our distributors.
  • When you schedule for training, there is no registration fee. You only pay your training fee before commencement of your program.
  • We don't just train to impart the skills in you, we also create a relationship where you can always leverage on our skills and experience for any technical assistance.
  • Job placement opportunities and referral
  • Start a career or advance your skills in deploying Network, Security and Telecom solutions

From Our Students & Clients

  • A Decision That Has Empowered Me

    Exactly 2 weeks after completing my training on AHD CCTV system installation, I was called by ISPT and given the contact of a customer which I submitted a quote and followed up. Eventually, I was able to execute the installation job and made good money out of it. How I wish I had made this decision earlier. Now I am into the business of CCTV installation and maintenance. Thanks to ISPT

    Gbenga Olufemi
    Self Employed - Lagos

    Mikrotik Hotspot Skills

    Thanks for imparting knowledge. I can now deploy WiFi Hospot for wireless internet service with Mikrotik Router. The best part is my ability to brand the WIFI service with custom login. I would always come for more training programs. I need as much skills as possible as a freelancer.


    Mikrotik Hotspot & CCTV Installation

    I am a Network Administrator and I needed to quickly develop practical skills in Mikrotik Hotspot & CCTV installations.
    I was able to achieve that with ISP Trainings. It was a great experience and I would definitely come back for more.

    Reuben Kwaghve
    Benue Investment & Property Dev. Co. Makurdi
  • Training Events

    Fiber Optic Cable Installation Training in Lagos from October 30 – Nov 3, 2023

    From October 30 – November 3, our next practical training on optical fiber cable installation and maintenance would come up in Lagos for 5 days.

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