CCNA Practice Lab

Cisco CCNA practice lab in Lagos

Sharpen your skills for CCNA simulation test by preparing with live Cisco Routers and Switches in our Cisco lab.
We have all the hardware required to prepare you for simulation test during your Cisco CCNA or CCNP certification test.
We would guide you on the step by step procedure for configuring Cisco routers and Switch as expected in the exams covering every practical objectives of CCNA test.

If you are preparing for Cisco CCNA exam, make use of this opportunity to get your hands on live Cisco routers and switches in a lab environment.
You would not only be exposed to practical connection of Cisco router and switch using Ethernet and serial ports, you would also gain hands-on experience interacting with live Cisco router and switch through Cisco command line configuration of OSPF routing, EIGRP, Access list, VLANs & interVLAN routing, Nat etc.

For 5 days of intensive configuration guide, you would have the opportunity to practice in our Cisco lab and become well prepared for your CCNA or CCNP certification exam.

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