CCTV Installation Training | MikroTik & Networking Training – Nyanya

Our practical CCTV installation training center in Nyanya offers practical CCTV installation skills and experience to individuals and trainees leaving around Nyanya, Mararaba, Karu and Ado areas of Nasarwa state.
Whether you are working for an organisation, self employed, freelancer or installer, our training programs provide the opportunity for individuals, students and Youth Corpers to train and equip themselves with the right skills required to implement and support IT, Telecom and security systems and solutions using modern technologies.

CCTV, Mikrotik, Cisco, telecom, wireless and network training in Nyaya, Mararaba, Karu, Ado

Corporate organisations in Abuja can also avail to this opportunity and train their technical staff and personnel in order to enhance or improve their job skills and by so doing increase efficiency and productivity.


  • We have all the necessary infrastructure and gadgets required to offer you practical training. Lots of hands-on exercises for you to practice with live equipment
  • By training with us in Nyanya, you would automatically be in our database of professional installers where you may be referred installation and support jobs that have to do with your skills especially CCTV installations in Abuja
  • We don’t just train to impart the skills in you, we create a relationship where you can always leverage on our skills and experience for any technical assistance

Practical telecom, network and security solutions training in Nyanya, Mararaba and – Analogue CCTV Installation | IP CCTV | Networking | MikroTik WiFi Hotspot | Panasonic PABX Installation & Programming – KX-TES824

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Training Location

Block i, Suite 10, POWA Plaza, Checking point B/S, Nyanya., FCT


Abuja Office 0805 589 1478
Lagos Office 0815 321 7100