CCTV | MikroTik | Hotspot Training in Akure

Our CCTV training center in Akure offers practical training on a wide range of courses aimed at developing technical skills and job competence.
Whether you are working for an organisation, self employed, freelancer or installer, our training programs provide you the opportunity to quickly learn and develop the skills required to effectively handle most IT and Telecom installations. We are situated in the business district of Akure and can easily be accessed from FUTA if you are a student or FUTA staff that needs to develop practical skill on telecom, network and security solutions. Our training center in Akure can easily be accessed by people from neighboring towns and cities including Ondo, Ilesha, Oshogbo, Owo, AAUA Akungba, Sam Adeyemi college etc.

Youth Corpers serving in Akure and its environments can make productive use of their service year by enrolling on our range of programs that would adequately prepare and integrate you into the IT and Telecom world.
At ISP Training, we train and equip you with the right skills required to implement and support IT, Telecom and security systems and solutions using modern technologies.

CCTV, Mikrotik, Cisco, telecom, wireless and network training in Akure

Organisations and businesses in Akure can avail to this opportunity and train their technical staff and personnel in order to enhance them with the basic support skills of their IT infrastructure.

Get Practical training on CCTV, Mikrotik, Wireless, Hotspot, PABX. Enroll in Akure Training Center

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Training Location

Akure Business Plaza
Bishop Fagun Rd.
Opposite St. Mathias School
Alagbaka, Akure

Tel: 0815 321 7100