CCTV Surveillance Security Operations & Management

This training course would provide you hands-on experience and walk you through the technical aspects of setting up, operating and managing CCTV surveillance security system.
The program is highly recommended for security personnel, security companies and operators as well as business owners who desire to understand the functional operations of CCTV security systems.

In this course, you would learn how to secure your business or organization with video surveillance as well as develop practical technical skills required to install and operate CCTV security system.

When you acquire the technical knowledge in this training program, you would have a general understanding of the components that make up CCTV security system, how to install and operate it as well as carry out maintenance and repair services thereby enabling you to do things yourself and save cost on maintenance.

The technical exposure you get from this training program would enable you make good choice whenever you need to procure and install CCTV system to protect your home and business.

CCTV Surveillance System training for corporate organisations.

For Whom:
– Chief Security Officers (CSO)
– Security Guards
– Maintenance & Technical Operations staff
– Managers
– Engineers

Training Location: Your staff can train in our office or we arrange the training in your office

Training Duration: 5 days

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