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CCTV Security System Installation Training

CCTV camera installation training in Lagos, Abuja, PH

When you enroll on our CCTV training program Lagos, you would learn the basic and advance skills required to install and maintain CCTV security surveillance system.
CCTV is a technology that will continue to play a major role in video surveillance and motoring in homes and offices. Our CCTV installation training program is a combination of 100% practical installation sessions with classroom theories to explain underlying principles and concepts.

Practical CCTV Camera installation training in Lagos – Surulere, Ikeja | Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Akure, Umuahia, Uyo

In this 5-day CCTV training program, you would gain the practical experience and comprehensive understanding of CCTV specifications, installation, troubleshooting and support ranging from system planning, design process as well as components specification.
You will have the required hands-on experience to install, setup and maintain the key system components and operations such as cameras, DVR, storage, networking etc.

CCTV installation training in Lagos, Ikeja, Suruelere, Abuja, PH Akure
Upon successful completion of the training program, you would be able to perform the following operations –
– Identify the components used in CCTV security system installation including cctv cameras, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Network Video Recorder (NVR), Balun, installation cable types (coaxial and cat6), cctv installation accessories
– Set-up & Configure CCTV System.
– Troubleshoot , Repair & Maintain CCTV installation.
– Upgrade existing CCTV installation.
– Connect CCTV system to network and configure network and remote view.

cctv monitoring system installation

You would be involved in the practical installation of CCTV security system starting from 4-channels and more

Training Outline

– Introduction to CCTV security
– Monitoring station – TV, Monitor, Network
– CCTV Components and Requirements
– CCTV cameras types – Analog, AHD, PTZ, IP Camera etc
– Camera Resolutions
– Understanding DVR and NVR
– Power Supply Options
– Cabling methods – Coaxial cable, Cat6 Cable
– Balun connections
– DVR types and configurations
– Storage and Maintenance
– Networking and Remote/Mobile View
– Business Opportunities

5 Weekdays of 4 Saturdays

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