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Cisco Router & Switch LAN Configuration

Cisco Routers and switches are found in most enterprise and business networks. Deploying and operating a network with Cisco devices require special skills and competence.

Advance your career with the skills to implement and manage a network with Cisco routers and switches.
This program is designed to equip the trainees with the practical skills required to function in a Cisco network environment.
We have a large of array of Cisco equipment for practical training and the professional instructors with ensure you develop the skills to effectively operate Cisco Routers and Switches for implementing Static and dynamic routing, Internet connecting, VLAN, Access control list, etc
The course can be used as a preparatory lab for CCNA certification.

The program is designed to impart practical knowledge and build the confidence and experience required to set up a managed internet solution in an environment where internet usage is to be controlled.
The following skills would be developed upon successful completion of the training

– General understanding of network of Cisco devices
– Ability to connect to any Cisco device
– Ability to configure settings on Cisco routers and Switch
– Ability to implement a network with Cisco Routers and Switches
– Ability to connect to the internet using Cisco router
– Ability to secure network traffic on Cisco Router
– Ability to troubleshoot and support a Cisco network
– A good knowledge of the operations of wireless ISP

Must have a good knowledge of TCP/IP operations and practical experience in data networking.

Course Content

Connecting to Cisco devices
Basic settings configurations
IP and Data Networks
LAN Switching
IP Addressing, subnet mask, VLSM
IP Routing
Static and dynamic routin
VLANs & (interVLAN Routing
Access lists and security configurations
Network device management
Introduction to WAN services

Program Duration:
10 days

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