How to setup PBX for office calls

The Private Branch Exchange or PBX is a business phone system that allows users to communication with each other within an office environment and also share external lines
The external lines enable inbound and outbound calls for all or selected users and is usually connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network – PSTN. –>

In Nigeria of those days, the only option was to get these lines from NITEL but nowadays, we can achieve same with GSM lines using GSM terminal connected to the PABX.
how to setup PBX for office calls

To install or setup PBX as a voice communication solution in the office, you have to consider the number of users or extensions as well as external lines requirement.
For instance, Panasonic KX-TEM824 allows you to connect 8 extensions and 3 external lines by default.
With the addition of expansion cards, you can extend the capacity to a maximum of 8 external lines and 24 lines.
There are a number of PBX systems in the market and some of them are fixed, you cannot expand the capacity beyond the initial design.
Panasonic is very much popular and is often used in most businesses and other office environments although it can be expensive.
Besides acquiring the PBX system you need to get your telephone cables properly wired from the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) to the respective offices where the extension would be located.
Most PABX do not require much programming skills to get it to function but for Panasonic you would need to program it using the console or PC in order to maximize its functions.