IP CCTV Surveillance System Installation

ip camera installation training in Lagos

CCTV security surveillance is fast shifting from conventional analog system to digital solution which make use of IP cameras with higher resolution values or Megapixel.
This course is designed for individuals. technicians and engineers wishing to add IP CCTV installation skills to their knowledge.
The training provides a perfect blend of essential theoretical concepts and operational principles combined with practical exercises.

IP CCTV training in Lagos

Practical IP CCTV Camera installation and operations training in Lagos – Surulere, Ikeja | Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Akure, Umuahia, Uyo

Our practical IP CCTV training program is based Hikvision IP security products – IP Camera, NVR, iVMS-4500 mobile view etc.
You would be exposed to practical configuration of Hikvision IP cameras, Network Video Recorder (NVR), networking and mobile view of CCTV

IP CCTV surveillance system network diagram

best ip cctv nvr system installation training in Nigeria


  • We have all the necessary infrastructure and gadgets required to offer you practical training. Lots of hands-on exercises for you to practice with live equipment.
  • Start making money with your new skills. We would prioritize referring at least one customer to you for CCTV installation job where you can make even more than double the cost you paid for your training.
  • By training with us, you would automatically be in our database of professional CCTV installers where you may be referred CCTV installation and support jobs in your location and state of residence. We receive requests across the country frequently for CCTV installation.
  • You would be able to buy CCTV installation products at discounted prices from our distributor.
  • When you schedule for training, there is no registration fee. You only pay your training fee before commencement of your program.
  • We don’t just train to impart the skills in you, we also create a relationship where you can always leverage on our skills and experience for any technical assistance.

IP CCTV Training Course Content

  • Introduction to CCTV surveillance system
  • IP System Vs Analog CCTV
  • CCTV Terminologies and Concepts
  • IP Security System Component Identification and Specifications
  • System Design & Network Topology
  • Installation Exercises
    • NVR activation and Setup
    • Adding Network Cameras
    • IP Camera Configuration
    • Wi-Fi Camera Setup
    • PTZ Cameras setup & Operations
    • Live View
    • Remove View
    • Port Forwarding
    • Dynamic DNS
    • CCTV Mobile App
    • P2P
  • System Operations
    • Scheduled Recording
    • Continuous Recording
    • Motion Detection
    • Backup and archive management
  • System Maintenance
  • Site Survey Operations


It is ideal that the trainee has basic knowledge and understanding of IP and networking skills.


5 weekdays or 3 Saturdays

Training Material

  • Writing materials
  • Printed copy of training guide

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