MikroTik Router Configuration Skills Training

The Mikrotik range of products including Routers and wireless devices can be used to provide routing, switching and connectivity solutions for office and home applications.
The RouterOS contains powerful features for LAN, wireless, security etc.

Mikrotik router configuration training in Lagos

We train individuals and groups on how to design and deploy data communication as well as security networks using Mikrotik Routers.
Please note that this program is not for MikroTik certification. This Mikrotik training is only designed to provide you with the skills and expertise to be able to work with MikroTik RouterOs.
If you desire certifications in Mikrotik products, you can visit our Mikrotik certification programs.

Training Outline


Understanding a RouterOS and RouterBoards
Platforms for Running a RouterOS
Installing a RouterOS on a PC
Assembling Mikrotik Router from RouterBoard
Accessing the Router – Winbox, Telnet
Packages, Upgrade, Backup and Restore
RouterOS Licensing, Types and Features
Maintaining RouterOS time with NTP client

Network Operations

Setting Up IP Address
DHCP servers and networks
DHCP clients
Default Gateway configuration
Setting up internet connection
NAT masquerade
Network management tools – ping, traceroute

Routing overview
routing concepts
Creating Routes
Static routing
Default gateway

Bridging in MikroTik Routers

Bridge overview
Creating bridge
Adding ports to bridge
Bridging networks
VLAN and interVLAN communication

Firewall Principles
Connection tracking and states
Structure, chains and actions
Firewall Filter in action
Filter actions
Protecting the router (input)
Protecting the customer (forward)
Basic Address-List
Source NAT
Masquerade and src-nat action
Destination NAT
dst-nat and redirect actions

Wireless Technology

Wireless Interface
Wireless operation modes
Access Point
Wireless scan
Registration table
MAC-address filtering

Course Duration
5 Weekdays or 4 Saturdays

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