WiFi Hotspot Installation & Management

hotspot training

Hotspots enable service providers to offer free or paid Internet access to users in public locations on their Wi-Fi enabled devices using captive portal technology.

In this program, you will learn and build the skills to setup a WiFi Internet hotspot using the Hotspot feature of MikroTik RouterOS.
Most Wireless ISP adapt the Hotspot technology in providing Internet service to the home and business customers. This program will teach you how to design and install WIFI Internet Hotspot service with a branded login portal.
At the end of this training, you will have a good understanding of the operations of wireless ISP.

Training Outline

Introduction to Hotspot services
Hotspot implementation options
MikroTik Hotspot service
RouterOS and RouterBoard
Installing a RouterOS on a PC
Accessing the Router for configuration

Interface & Bridge Configurations
Creating Bridge Ports
Adding Ports to Bridge
Setting Up IP Address
DHCP Servers and networks
Understanding DNS
Setting Up Default Route / Default Gateway
Internet connectivity options – PPP, PPOE, Cable etc

Hotspot Implementation
Hotspot setup
Creating users
Bandwidth management
Website blocking
Managing Hotspots
Login Portal Customization

Wireless Implementation
Wireless concepts overview
Standards Overview – 802.11a/b/g/n
Wireless devices, configuration and integration – Access Points, Wireless Router, Repeaters, Wireless Adapter etc
Hotspot integration with LAN services

Users & Account Creation
Installing User Manager
RADIUS server setup
Adding Customers
Creating Profiles and Limitation
Single and batch user accounts
Voucher creation and printing
Voucher customisation

Troubleshooting & Support
User login and authentication issues
WiFi issues
Internet connectivity issues
Troubleshooting tools

Course Duration
5 Weekdays or 4 Saturdays

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