Practical CCTV Installation training in Ibadan for 5 days:

Join our practical CCTV installation training in Ibadan and develop hands-on skills to implement analogue high definition video surveillance system in 5 days.
This practical CCTV installation training you expose practical and theoretical concepts of CCTV surveillance system using DVR, Security cameras, coaxial cables, storage system, remote and mobile view among many other practical skills.
Upon successful completion of this 5 days CCTV training in Ibadan, you would be able to select the right equipment and carry out installation of functional video surveillance system for home and business applications.
You would learn the following in our Ibadan CCTV training event

  • Identify the components used in CCTV security system installation including security cameras, DVR, power supply, storage, cable types (coaxial and cat6) etc.
  • Setup & Configure CCTV System.
  • Troubleshoot , Repair & Maintain CCTV installation.
  • Upgrade existing CCTV installation.
  • Connect CCTV system to network and configure mobile and remote view.

Benefits of the training

  • We have all the necessary infrastructure and gadgets required to offer you practical training. Lots of hands-on exercises for you to practice with live equipment.
  • Start making money with your new skills. We would prioritize referring at least one customer to you for CCTV installation where you can make even more than double the cost you paid for your training.
  • By training with us, you would automatically be in our database of professional CCTV installers in Ibadan where you may be referred CCTV installation and support jobs
  • You would be able to buy CCTV installation products at discounted prices from our distributors.
  • When you schedule for training, there is no registration fee. You only pay your training fee before commencement of your program.
  • We don’t just train to impart the skills in you, we also create a relationship where you can always leverage on our skills and experience for any technical assistance.

Analogue CCTV System Training Content

  • Introduction to CCTV security
  • Analogue Vs IP CCTV systems
  • Monitoring station – TV, Monitor, Mobile
  • CCTV Components and Requirements
  • CCTV cameras types
  • Camera Resolutions
  • Understanding DVR and NVR
  • Power Supply Options
  • CCTV Cabling
  • DVR settings & Configurations
  • Storage, backup and archiving
  • Remote & Mobile view configuration


03/08/2020 – 07/08/2020


10am – 1pm