Networking & WLAN

Understanding networking concepts and practical operations provide basic foundation for anyone aspiring to develop a career in IT.
Our networking training is a 4-week program covering a broad range of networking concepts required to bring you up to speed in practical experience of planning, implementing and supporting data networks comprising of cable and wireless technologies.
From basic network cabling standards to logical addressing, routing and switching, WLAN, internet, network security, workgroup and client-server deployment and many more, this program would afford you a great starting point in your IT career.
Upon completion of our networking training program, the students will develop practical understanding of IP networking concepts as well as be able to deploy, support and manage data network.


  • Introduction and benefits of network
  • Networking models and layers
  • Understanding LAN, MAN, WAN
  • Peer-to-peer Vs CLient-Server network
  • Identification and understanding of network devices and their uses
  • Network transmission speeds and standards
  • Network transmission infrastructure, structured cabling and components – Copper and fiber optic cables, Equipment Rack/Cabinet, Patch Panel, Faceplate, RJ45 etc
  • Internet Protocol versions
  • Types and classes of IP address
  • Layer 3 and logical addressing
  • Concepts of subnets
  • Understanding VLAN, VPN
  • Setting up a Workgroup
  • File and printer sharing
  • Configuration of Router, Access Point, Repeaters etc.
  • Wireless LAN and standards
  • Setting up a WLAN
  • Network security and Firewall
  • Network troubleshooting, management and support

Duration 4 Weeks or 8 Saturdays

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