Top 5 Popular free Android App for CCTV monitoring

CCTV security systems have become very common and necessary in every home and business. These surveillance installations have enable parents and business owners to monitor and watch their property and family remotely using mobile phones and computers even while away.
Most modern CCTV systems come equipped with monitoring software and Apps provided by the manufacturers.

In some cases, these Apps or software are not compatible with other brands hence the need to use third party Apps that are open to a with range of systems.
In most cases, some of these Apps are free although there are also some commercial versions packed with a lot more features and support not possible in he free Apps.

Presently, a large number of security cameras either use P2P (Peer to Peer) or DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) to achieve remote viewing. P2P used for sharing resources on a network. It is also for video data transmission between security camera and smart devices. The CCTV cameras sends and keeps updating camera’s network information such as IP address port information to remote P2P servers, the App receives these information intending to establish communication when users want to start to view video feeds.
Besides P2P connection, users can use DDNS + port forwarding to remotely access security cameras through smartphone App and PC software. This method is supported by most free and paid App from third-party. For local viewing, major security cameras support RTSP and ONVIF to transmit video stream, so Apps use these protocols to capture video streams. There are a large collection of Apps out there for home security.
In this article, we would be discussing some free and popular camera viewing Apps.