Using MikroTik Router to share internet at home or office

Mikrotik routers are some of the cheapest and yet powerful Routers around in the market. The configuration is however not that easy when compare to most routers that you only need to click on the friendly GUI buttons.
In any case, when you get the Router properly configured, it does a whole lot more especially the hotspot feature that comes free with it.

Just like any other Router you may know, most Mikrotik routers are equipped with wifi which you can configure to allow your friend and family have access to internet.
As said earlier, the configuration may not be too easy but its something you can do if you really understand that the router allows you to connect to a different network.

learn how ro configure mikrotik router

A Router provides services like DHCP, DNS and its chief function is to choose the path to reach a different network which is internet in this case. Your PC is connected to the Router on one network while the internet is a another network. Your router may be connected to the internet via USB dungle, network cable or some other method used by your ISP.
Many routers have wifi capability which you must configure for people to be able to connect to it. You would not just give the wifi a name or SSID, you also would need to make sure it is secured by assigning a web key or PIN to your network.
If you have a Mikrotik router or any other kind of router as the case may be, we can guide your and teach you how to configure it and share internet at home or office.

Call us on +234 815 321 7100 and would discover that it is not too difficult a task for you to accomplish and you can actually use that knowledge to configure your router anytime probably when you need to change ISP, change web key etc