Outdoor Wireless Radio Network Setup

From wireless site survey, link planning to actual network deployment with Ubiquiti products, this training program is a blend of hands-on exercises and theoretical concepts with contents designed to enable you develop the practical skills and experience to deploy and support wireless radio networks.
wireless radio network training
A wireless radio network is a quick roll-out and cost effective solution for connecting two or more offices within the metropolis for the purpose of sharing data, voice and video applications using microwave technology. This course will afford you the opportunity to understand wireless radio network operations in practical terms. You will be able to develop the skills and knowledge required to install, support and manage a Point to Point and Point to Multipoint fixed wireless links.

The following skills would be developed upon successful completion of the training

– General understanding of wireless network service provider operations
– You will be able to identify CPE and base station devices.
– Ability to install base station and customer premises equipment
– Carry out wireless site survey for line of sight
– Take site coordinates and simulate the links for expected results.
– Understand and carry out actual installation of PTP & PMP wireless networks
– Manage wireless network and CPEs
– Understand the options for terminating the links for communication between sites.

Must have a good knowledge of TCP/IP operations and practical experience in data networking

Program Content
Introduction to RF principles
Wireless equipment type, specification and selection
Type of wireless network topology
Wireless site survey
Site coordinates
Wireless link planning and simulation
Point to Point (PMP) wireless network installation (Ubiquiti)
Point to Multipoint (PMP) network (Ubiquiti)
Link termination options
Link test, troubleshooting and support

Course Duration
5 days

We recommend that you combine this program with training on Cisco Router and Switch configurations so as to gain more experience on enterprise and ISP network and also demonstration the following skills
– Understand routing and configure Cisco Router for routing between networks
– Configure VLAN and interVLAN routing for network security and segmentation
– Configure Internet connection between sites
– Configure Access Control Lists (ACL) to restrict services
– Configure LAN to LAN communication for resource sharing between sites

Note that Cisco program is not part of the Outdoor Wireless Radio Network Setup training.

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